Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She received her diploma in 2018 at the Faculty of Painting in the laboratory of Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski with a textile annex made under the direction of Prof. Dorota Grynczel and Dr. Tomasz Milanowski. Previously, she studied painting at the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw with a diploma in the studio of Professor Antoni Fałat.

Currently, she focuses on easel painting, on fabric and other substrates. She also creates collages, assemblages and linocuts.

“Life is like a meandering river with lots of river basins. It’s made up of various events. Every one of my paintings is a point in my life that deserves to be hibernated. While painting I try to enter the spiritual world, through form and colour, to find peace, harmony and beauty. In spite of our current anti-aesthetic and iconoclastic attitude.”

Jolanta Mikuła